Download E-books Evolutionary Dynamics of Mammalian Karyotypes: Reprint of:'Cytogenetic and Genome Research 2012, Vol. 137, No. 2-4' PDF

By R. Stanyon, A. Graphodatsky

This e-book either stories and synthesizes the cytogenetic facts pertinent to mammalian genome evolution together with the latest advances in molecular cytogenetics with an emphasis on chromosome portray in mammals. the amount starts off with an outline of molecular cytogenetics in mammals supplying unique views on genome evolution in mammals and in different vertebrates in addition to on syntenic and associational evolution. additionally it discusses the evolution of genome measurement in mammals and info the cytogenetic findings in: Monotremata and Marsupialia, Afrotheria, Xenarthra, Chiroptera, Eulipotyphla, Carnivora and Pholidota, Cetartiodactyla, Perissodactyla, Rodentia, Lagamorpha and Sciuromorpha, Strepsirrhine Primates, Dermoptera and Scandentia, New international Primates, Catarrhine Primates. best specialists within the box summarize the karyological and molecular cytogenetic information of mammals and pay specific awareness to the final many years of excessive job during this box. Comparative and phylogenomic implications are completely explored and built-in with sequencing info. The synthesis and new interpretations of mammalian karyotypes present in this quantity have huge implications for these drawn to the evolution of the vertebrate genome and for researchers keen on molecular cytogenetics, mammalian evolution, zoology, primatology, and comparative genomics.

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