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By J. T. A. Verhoeven (auth.), Jos T. A. Verhoeven (eds.)

This quantity makes a speciality of the geology, land use heritage, palaeoecology, ecology and conservation of peatlands (fens and lavatories) within the Netherlands. the quantity presents distinctive money owed that, jointly, supply a consultant photograph of the reviews which have been performed within the Dutch mires during the last 25 years.
Contents: bankruptcy 1: Verhoeven -- creation. bankruptcy 2: Pons -- is a complete geographic and pedological account of peat formation in area and time within the western coastal undeniable. bankruptcy three: Casparia and Streefkerk -- is an in depth description of a few of the phases of improvement from fen to lavatory of the Bourtanger Moor. bankruptcy four: Borger and Stol -- information the background of peat draining, digging and dredging within the Netherlands and Flanders. bankruptcy five: Barkman -- offers with bathroom remnants within the jap Netherlands and northwestern Germany. This bankruptcy additionally comprises information on oligotrophic heath swimming pools that have a crops that's just like that present in toilets. Chapters 6: Den Held; 7: Van Wirdum et al.; eight: Koerselman and Verhoeven -- are chapters on crops, synecology and nutrient dynamics of fens and bankruptcy nine: Wiegers -- focuses generally on terrestrializing fens which are so attribute of the western Netherlands the place they shortly ensue in turf ponds created through peat dredging in former centuries. bankruptcy 10: Vermeer and Joosten -- concludes the amount with a therapy of issues of mire conservation and administration.

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