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By W. Rabinowicz

1. 1. the main of Universalizability-an casual explication This paintings is anxious with the so-called precept of Universalizability. As we will are aware of it, this precept represents a declare that ethical houses of items (persons, activities, situation, occasions) are basically self reliant in their in basic terms 'individual' or-as one usually says -'numerical' elements. l hence, if something, x, is healthier than one other factor, y, then this truth isn't depending on x's being x nor on y's being y. If a undeniable individual, a, has an obligation to assist someone else, b, then this responsibility doesn't come up by reason of their being a and b, respectively. And if in a undeniable scenario, W, it needs to be the case that convinced items are transferred from one individual to a different, then this ethical legal responsibility doesn't rely on the person identities of the individuals concerned. The Universalizability precept can also be expressed when it comes to similarities. rather than asserting that the ethical houses of x are primarily self sufficient of the person features of x, we may perhaps say that any item that is precisely just like x, that's accurately like x in all non-individual, 'qualitative' respects, needs to show precisely related ethical houses. hence, if individuals are precisely just like one another, (if they're positioned in just comparable situations, have precisely related info, personal tastes, personality, and so forth. ), then they are going to have precisely related rights and duties.

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