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By David Ray Griffin

The mind-body challenge, which Schopenhauer known as the "world-knot" has been a vital challenge for philosophy because the time of Descartes. between realists-those who settle for the truth of the actual world-the dominant methods were dualism and materialism, yet there's a transforming into consensus that, if we're ever to appreciate how brain and physique are comparable, a substantially new strategy is needed. David Ray Griffin develops a 3rd kind of realism, one who resolves the fundamental challenge (common to dualism and materialism) of the continuing attractiveness of the Cartesian view of topic. In discussion with numerous philosophers, together with Dennett, Kim, McGinn, Nagel, Seager, Searle, and Strawson, Griffin indicates that materialist physicalism is much more challenging than dualism. He proposes as an alternative a panexperientialist physicalism grounded within the procedure philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. Answering those that have rejected "panpsychism" as evidently absurd, Griffin argues compellingly that panexperientialism, by means of taking adventure and spontaneity as absolutely average, can ultimately offer a naturalistic account of the emergence of consciousness-an account that still does justice to the liberty all of us think in perform.

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